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New Site Is LIVE! is now live. will no longer be updated, be sure to check it out and bookmark it! Thank you for all the business under the old name and hope to see you soon for the same great service that makes you stand out from the crowd.



New Look!

There’s been a lack of updates recently as we are transitioning to a new look to better reflect what our focus is.  We will still be offering custom powdercoating, aluminum anodizing and MX wheel building but we are also focusing on building a brand that supports all action sports.  BMX, Motocross, Board Sports etc.  I’m currently working on a new website to house the new look

so be patient and checkout the

Villain Ride Co. Facebook page for more up-to-date happenings.





Manitoba Mini Motocross

A new club dedicated to providing pitbike and minibike racing in southern Manitoba.  Villain Motorsports is sponsoring this new club so be sure to check it out if you're interested in racing, volunteering or just watching the exciting bar to bar action that is pitbike racing.




MiniMoto SX Live Stream on Ustream


Thought I'd post up the live feed from the 2012 MiniMoto SX in LasVegas. The evening program is scheduled to start at 7pm (central time). These are the top Mini Moto racers in the world going for a total of $18,000 in purse money!

Live video by Ustream 




Pit Bike Helmet Cam Video


Took my heavily modified Honda CRF70 out to a friends practice track to lay down a few laps, attached a Contour helmet cam for 2 laps, enjoy.






New Website Sponsor!


We are very happy to announce that Onnit Labs, makers of Alpha Brain, Shroom Tech Sport and New Mood are on board helping us pay the bills. Visit to learn more about their great products and take advantge of their risk free 100% money back guarantee.  Be sure to enter coupon code: "Villain" to save yourself a cool 10% off your total order!  I use Alpha Brain and Shroom Tech Sport myself and gotta say, the stuff's legit!





New Videos


Filmed another Anodizing and Powdercoating demonstration.  This time I anodized some small parts from a BMX bike in green, then powdercoated the frame from the same bike in a Dormant Purple






New Mini-Motard Video


Filmed at Speedworld Kart Track in Winnipeg, a longer video is in the works so stay tuned!







Online Store is Now OPEN


It's a start. I will be adding more products during the holiday season but for right now we have 3 styles of Honda Mini Trail t-shirts for sale (as seen in my videos). I will start printing the Villain Motorsports logo onto t-shirts and whatever else I can get my hands on before the new year. Decals and stickers packs are on the way too, stay tuned.





Another Powdercoat Video


This time I filmed the coating process for "Candy Red" on a customers Yamaha FZR600 frame.  I'll post up some pictures when the customer gets the bike put back together.




Customers Projects


Here's a few bicycles from Doug who was busy building up some beautiful Mountain Bikes this past summer.


This Marinoni was powder coated in Mirror Yellow with the rear triangle masked to preserve the original chrome.




This Specialized StumpJumper has some great history to it, Doug wanted a close as possible match to the original dark blue metallic paint job, so I custom mixed a "one off" powder for it that came out great.




Projects Page


Here it is folks, a little info and pictures on some of my favorite custom builds and restorations I've done over the years.  I'll have a few more completed bikes to post up by next week.


Street Legal Honda Z50R

Honda XR75 Vintage Motocrosser 




Aluminum Anodizing


Finally got around to filming an anodizing video as well as doing a short write up of the process. 

Aluminium Anodizing Page





eBay Items


I put a link on the left hand panel to my ebay items I have for sale.  I'm always adding more items, some new, some used. Mostly Honda mini bike related, including leftover parts from custom builds and restorations.  Check back often.




New Logo is Finished!


The great folks at Bloom Design & Graphics inc.  worked hard and put together a new logo that looks great and will hopefully do a great job at developing a brand and attracting new customers.  We will be doing the whole t-shirt and sticker thing soon so stay tuned.





Customer Testimonial

"Hi Paul. This is a shot my friend Doug took of the Big Black Bike that we brought to show you today. It is an unknown make, made around 1920, and I updated the drive-train but tried to keep that "old bike" look. The sandblasting and powder-coating you did are what really make it look fabulous. Thanks." 
-Jim P. 

New Videos! 

I put a couple videos together the other day, one to show how well an ultrasonic tank cleans old gummed up carbs and another to show off one of my best selling colours, Granny Smith Sparkle. 



Powder Coat Gallery

I set up a gallery page to showcase some of the different colours that are availible and to give an idea of what CAN be coated.  All the images are of parts that have been coated in my shop, I have the colour listed above each picture to help in deciding on a colour choice.






Powder Coat Price List

I've made a quick reference chart for prices on some of the more common parts that we've been coating lately.  The prices are just ballpark estimates, every job is a custom job so your parts may cost more or less.

I've been working on a page of colour samples that should be up shortly.