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Aluminum Anodizing


     Anodizing aluminum is the process of forming a thin layer of aluminum hydroxide on the surface of an aluminum substrate.  The process actually causes the aluminum (anode) to oxidize in a controlled environment.  The process is carried out by passing a controlled electric current through the aluminum which is submerged in a weak acid electrolyte. The anodized layer that forms is very hard and abrasion resistant; it also becomes non-conductive which can be used as an insulating material in electronics.


 Gold Anodized Paintball Gun Barrel


     A beneficial by-product of the anodizing process is the ability to dye the aluminum hydroxide that has built up.  The process of anodizing actually opens the pores of the aluminum which allows dye pigment to be absorbed into the surface of the anodized part.  The colour is then “locked in” by closing the pores in a boiling solution of chemical sealer.


     Anodizing has its benefits against regular liquid painting and even powder coating in that the layer that is formed is no thicker then .0005”. This is especially beneficial with precision parts that require keeping tight tolerances but still desiring a protective and/or colourful finish. For this reason, anodized finishes are very popular in the paintball and radio control industries. 


     At Villain Motorsports we specialize in custom anodize finishes for small parts and componants in order to keep the quality high but keep the cost low.  If you are interested in having your parts anodized or just need more information of the process or our capibilites please send us an email.