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             Powder coating is a fairly new painting process that involves electrostaticly applying very fine particles in a uniform layer over the substrate (metal part), the piece must then be cured by heating the particles and metal until the particles melt into the metal and form a smooth durable coating that resembles traditional painted surfaces but is much more chemical, UV ray, and chip resistant.

             The entire process of powder coating is very environmentally friendly as opposed to a traditional liquid painting process, as there are little to no VOC’s or harsh chemicals involved.  The application of the powder is typically a single stage process with very little over spray due to the low air pressure needed and the electrostatic charge drawing the powder to the part, unlike liquid paints that require a primer, 1-2 maybe more top coats followed by a clear coat.  The most commonly used powders are made up of polyurethane/polyester (plastic) which can be recycled or reclaimed and reused from the over spray as the powder goes on dry and does not liquefy until heated.

             In the past powder coating was most commonly used in the industrial and commercial industries because of its amazing durability and ease of application in an assembly line environment.  In recent years motorcycle and automotive enthusiasts have discovered that powder coating is the preferred method of obtaining an attractive finish on high wear and stone chip prone areas such as frames, suspension components, wheels as well as under hood areas that are exposed to oils and other contaminates that would quickly ruin a typical paint job.

             Technology and customer demand in recent years has blown the door open for colour options for powder coat. Literally thousands of colours are available today with more being created everyday including standard blacks, whites, reds, blues, etc., all with varying shades and gloss levels. There are also very unique and attractive finishes such as metallics, clear coats, candy (tinted transparent) colours even pearlesent (flip flop) colous have just been produced as well as decorative finishes such as silver and gold vein, hammertone and textured finishes.


             Villain Motorsports can powder coat a wide variety of things from small engine brackets to a full sized motocross bike frame, as our curing oven measures three feet wide, three feet deep and five feet high, we recommend that you prepare your pieces as thoroughly as you feel comfortable with, sandblasting is needed on almost every part to acquire a rough surface for the powder to adhear to.  We do offer complete sandblasting in the shop for pieces about the size of a BMX bike frame and smaller, anything bigger will have to be sent out to get blasted.   Please check out some of our customers’ projects in the “Customers Rides” section for a glimpse at what we could do for you.  If you require a quote for powder coating or any other service we provide please email with your contact info as well as a photo of the piece and a description of what you would like done with it.


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