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Ultrasonic Cleaning



Before                                         During                                      After






        Ultrasonic cleaning tanks can clean delicate parts and instruments thoroughly without harsh chemicals or damaging abrasives.  This is achieved with a process called “cavitation”.  Cavitation is the creation and implosion of microscopic bubbles in the solution created by transducers attached to the stainless steel tank.  The ultrasonic transducers produce a frequency of 40kHz to 100kHz (that’s 40,000 to 100,000 pulses per second!) through the solution, this combined with heat and a cleaning solution specific to the cleaning task results in a very thorough cleaning process that will get into the tightest spaces invisible to the naked eye.  Ultrasonic cleaning tanks are most commonly used for cleaning dental and surgical instruments, jewelry, electronic circuit boards, air brushes, and of coarse automotive components such as carburetors and fuel injectors. 


        Our ultrasonic tank is 12” X 6” X 6” and digitally heated, large enough for most motorcycle, snowmobile and small engine carburetors.  We can clean up most old, dirty, gummed up carburetors back to original as seen from the photos above.


Price: $20.00 per cycle (one 30 min. cycle through the tank is usually enough)


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